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October 17 2017

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Reddit, meet Hemlock. I rescued him two weeks ago. His expression hasn’t changed, but the cuddles have increased tenfold (Source: http://ift.tt/2gfWIqX)

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idk what am i doin i drank one beer too much but here


remember hacker magnemite from generations

what a good magnemite

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wonder what Jennamarbles is up to these days




photo post: “what color is this–”






no matter how insecure or shitty you feel, just remember that my muscles are massive and i can punch through walls

hey, I really needed this. Thank you.

*pulls you apart like a twizzler*

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One day yeah, not today though..

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A Note on Cultural Appropriation




If you’re not Native American, its not smudging its smoke cleansing.

If you’re not Native American, its not a spirit animal, it’s an animal guide, patronus or daemon. (And no it’s not a totem animal either.)

If youre not African American or Afro-Carribean, it’s not a voodoo doll it’s a poppet.

Yes, you’re not wrong in pointing out that i just gave you a list of synonyms. No one is saying that these CONCEPTS are inherently appropriation. But specific terms carry their specific ties. Know what ties are for you, and what aren’t.

If you’re not Japanese, it’s not anime it’s Japanimation.

If you’re not German, it’s not hamburgers it’s bun buddies.

If you’re not Mexican, they’re not tacos they’re called tasty hand meat pockets. 

Yes, you’re not wrong in pointing out that i just gave you a list of synonyms. No one is saying that these CONCEPTS are inherently appropriation. But specific terms carry their specific ties. Know what ties are for you, and what aren’t.

Tagging some of the worst offenders for this but feel free to tag any others you know who do this: @meatballmeatballspaghetti @w-r-o-u-g-h-t @friendly-neighborhood-patriarch @klubbhead

Spirit Animal has a Latin root

Smudging has an English root, which is the same as smoke.

Voodoo is the name of a religion.

OP apparently doesn’t understand that the English has it’s own history of witchcraft and paganism.  Is too eager to jump on the cultural appropriate bandwagon to realize that white people actually have their own culture.

Im tired of politicans grandstanding to their fucking idiot brigades to be outraged over shit

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October 16 2017

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if you click to open this thread you die in real life

predicted answer: “have sex with me”

I read this thread and it’s surprisingly wholesome. Lots of guys either wanting to be the little spoon, making jokes about blanket hogging, or wanting their girlfriends to say what they like so that they can pleasure them more.

Tbh I’m starting to think most of tumblr seriously lack any serious interaction with men, and not only sexual but to a platonic/friendship level.

I don’t mean to attack anyone but how come all this people decided men would think something pervert and rapey? How come people who actually checked were so surprised that men wanted something humanly acceptable and maybe even *gasps* cute?

I am serious in this question: did you ever had male friends? Because this thread to me was the LEAST surprising thing on earth.

In HS, having been a butch lesbian and having had a ton of male friends, the typical sex questions were “hey, can you tell me how to mae her feel good?” or “hey, how do I tell if she likes it?” or “do I sound clingy/pathetic if I want cuddles after?”. Boyfriends worry about their girlfriends pleasure, their happiness and what they think of sex. They do. And when they don’t do much to pleasure them, most of the time is because they are inexperienced. Women do have a problem with communicating their desire, nobody denies that it’s also society’s fault but if you don’t ask stuff you can’t get surprised you don’t get it and out there it’s full of men wanting to do things with respect and to make their girlfriends happy. 

Boys are WHOLESOME. As girls are. People are wholesome and nice and vulnerable and in strive for good things for them and others.

And even those who made sexual comments like “blowjobs” or “more boob stuff”…. why is it bad? It’s a NSFW thread???? It’s the space to talk about that. Would you have the same reaction if in their matching thread women said they want their boyfriends to go down on them more? Or if they said they’d like him to touch them in different zones? Would you have complained if women said it of their girlfriends? Then why shaming boys?

Having needs both sexual and emotional is natural, the important is not force them on people who don’t feel like that and these men didn’t (which is why the thread exists in first place).

Men have emotional needs too and pretending they don’t and buying into the “all men think about is sex” and “ah men are all rapey and dirty” is sexism, not only towards men but because it implies that women are purer than them which leads to the HolyMary kinda misoginy that denies women their need to physical pleasure.

Also let’s stop pretending sex is inherently dirty and bad. Sex is fun, as long as it’s consensual.

But yeah I agree with op, I did die opening it, OUT OF THE CUTENESS THAT SPILLED FROM IT.

Ok yeah that was cute

Aw I want this.

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all of you… die

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

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Untitled, 2017

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Untitled, 2017

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Did you know there are 9 Slow Loris species and 2 Slender Lori species? Slow lorises are strepsirrhine or prosimian primates. They are related to lemurs of Madagascar and the galagos of Africa. Now you Know Your Loris!

Source:  Peppermint Narwhal Creative

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