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June 24 2017

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~This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Tumblr.~

Please read thoroughly before entering!

Hello lovely Tumblr folk! It’s that time again- I have a giveaway for you all. Summer is quickly approaching, and I know a lot of you are getting ready to relax and vacation! So in celebration, I’m giving you the chance to win this large collection of items.

All these items came from my shop (minus the sage!).

What you get:

  • (Handmade by me) Clear quartz and copper necklace
  • (Handmade by me) “Full moon” rainbow moonstone hairpins
  • $25 credit that can be applied to anything in my shop.
  • amethyst cluster with calcite
  • selenite wand
  • tourmalinated quartz wand
  • black & blue kyanite crystals
  • polished petrified wood slice
  • four polychrome jasper hearts
  • an amethyst stalactite slice
  • baby amethyst sphere
  • rose quartz sphere 
  • large rose quartz chunk
  • labradorite sphere
  • fluorite obelisk
  • labradorite point
  • golden calcite point
  • ocean jasper marble
  • Dominican amber cabochon
  • rutilated quartz point
  • amethyst pyramid
  • spirit quartz crystal
  • a black sparkly candle (because why not?!)
  • a sustainably harvested California white sage piece, picked by me (sadly if you are outside the US I cannot send this to you)
  • This has a retail value of $260 in addition to the $25 shop credit!


  1. You must be 16 or older. (If under 18 you MUST have parent’s permission)
  2. You don’t have to live in the US
  3. You must be following me, so you can get updates if anything about the giveaway changes.
  4. Please check out my shop and if you’re interested, you can sign up for my email newsletter here. (Totally not necessary or required, it’s just an option!)
  5. DO NOT tag this post as giveaway. That will risk the notes getting messed up, and this will be ruined for everyone. Please don’t argue about this- for some reason people have said really nasty and mean things to me over this.
  6. Reblog this post to enter. Likes count, too. No giveaway or spam blogs. If you reblog on a side blog, let me know in the tags what the name of your blog is that you’re following me with.
  7. Please don’t spam people with reblogs- you can reblog however many times you’d like, but please be courteous.
  8. Each entry will be assigned a number and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator.
  9. The giveaway ends Wednesday, July 26th at 6 pm Pacific time.
  10. The winner will be messaged and must respond with their full name and address within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.
  11. Please respect me and my rules, and have fun!

June 21 2017

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happy birbthday.png

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Jones | Alien [1979]

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what if a grandma found the dog and you made her read that smh

She would look past it long enough to return him, for the sake of the dog

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This blog is 97% mobile and I want every one to know that

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June 15 2017

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I saw a meme in the fr tag and thought this up as a counterpart. You can’t have a bad tert if you only use basic!! (Aka what I do :’D )

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my wonderful progen rhaza got his accent and i really wanted to draw him with it.

he’s also got a few of his bird friens with him <3

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Gorgeous foggy day. Honestly the woods in British Columbia are straight out of a fairy tale.

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some things will never change

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- Liquid Gold -

by Pedro Gabriel

Do u ever see hetero porn and just… Dont touch her boob like that… That doesnf turn women on by literally giving them a fucking purple nurple what the fuck

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My tribute to Tokyo Ghoul:re. I love this manga soooo much omg.. Ishida is a genius writer honestly. I tried to slightly imitate his rough painting style in these haha not nearly as good as his work though. 


If people are able to tell the difference between the KKK and Christianity then I’m sure y'all can tell the difference between ISIS and Islam

to my white followers




“POC character”  “character of colour”

“POC movies” “diverse movies” or “movies by/about/featuring POC” or “black/asian/lantix/whatever takes up the majority of the cast movies”

“POC love” “black/asian/lantix/etc. love” or “interracial love”

“POC gays/lesbians etc.”  “gays/lesbians/etc. of colour” or “gay/lesbian/etc. people of colour”

“my POC friend”  “my friend who is a POC” or “my asian/black/etc. friend”

POC is a noun, not an adjective

Y'all stop using “POC” as a stand in for “colored.”

I see you.

^ Its the same thing as “colored person” you guys aren’t progressive for adding a word in between it.

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